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Every case matters. Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law is a trial lawyer. She practices criminal defense, personal injury and automobile accident cases. She is an experienced jury trial lawyer. She has represented clients charged with large drug possession cases, sex crimes, homicides, DUI, and simple possession throughout Middle Tennessee. She also represents clients who have had unfortunate automobile accidents and have been injured. 


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 Getting a lawyer on the front end can be the best decision you make. Whether you are charged with a crime or think you are about to be, you need to contact a lawyer. Some times bad things happen to good people. My clients are just average people. May face the possibility of big fines, incarceration, loss of employment, or in the case of DUI, loss of driving privileges. Many people are charged with a crime for the first time in their lives, have no idea what to do or how to navigate the criminal justice system.


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