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Client Review

"Chelsea was incredible to work with. She was very helpful in the process of my case, which was successfully expunged in a short amount of time. My situation was very unfortunate, but Chelsea quickly accepted to help represent me. I relayed with Chelsea that I would like to close this case as soon as possible and she made that happen. Chelsea successfully assisted in my case and led me where I needed to go, which also saved me a lot of time and money. I received my class certificate for my charges and immediately sent it to Chelsea, who offered to file for expungement on my behalf. 

Chelsea really enjoys getting to know her clients to generate the best outcome. She is very easy to communicate with and is willing to meet with you outside of the courtroom. From working with Chelsea, I could tell that she loves what she does and enjoys helping people she works with. Chelsea is extremely sweet, my experience with her as my lawyer was nothing short of successful!"  Mina

AK Investigations

  "Chelsea is a passionate lawyer and works diligently for her clients.” Amber Kaset, Investigator

"I have worked as an investigator on several of Chelsea's cases. Her determination, drive, and dedication to her clients is to be admired." Amber Treat, Investigator

Client Review

"Chelsea is Highly efficient and professional but always made me feel like she “had my back” !"


Client Review

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done in my case. I really appreciate the time you spent with me talking about my legal issues, family and life in general. This was a very scary and intimidating point in my life. You took the time to make sure I felt at ease and to understand the process. In short, you fought hard for me to receive the best case scenario considering my circumstances. I was able to keep my family together and retain my career because of you.  I will always be in gratitude."


Client Review

"I had the pleasure of utilizing Ms. Chelsea Nicholson as my attorney in 2012 and she was by far the best asset to me during my court processes.  She understood my concerns and she made sure that I understood all of the processes relating to my case.  She also knew many of the people that were working with me at that time.  I believe I had the best possible outcome that I could have had in my case due to Ms. Chelsea Nicholson and I felt that most of all, she cared." Scotty

Client Review

"I suppose no one wants to need a lawyer but if I ever need another one I would come to Chelsea first.  Not only did she represent us well in court, she went above and beyond what I had come to expect from lawyers.  My concerns were always addressed, she always either took my calls or returned my messages promptly but more than any of that, she was able to help me feel more comfortable in a very foreign and uncomfortable situation.  She’s the best." Lynn